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Jim Burnworth & Ray Bunney

Hunting Legends hosted Jim Burnworth and Ray Bunney from the ‘Western Extreme’ & ‘Choose your Weapons’ TV Shows on the Outdoor Channel. Awesome guys that just know exactly what they want and how they are going to get it. Believe me the guys had a lot of fun.

The most important thing at Hunting Legends is for us and our hunters to have fun and enjoy Africa at its best.

JIMRAYJim and Ray – Choose your weapons

The following message from Jim to all his fans:


Many of you know that I just got back from Africa last week. I have some special news to share. So here it goes. I’ve been going to Africa for the last 10 years spending more than 40 days a year exploring all over and have hunted with many great outfitters. After 3 years in the making, I have joint ventured with a special hunting company called Hunting Legends. They are on their way to become one of the largest land owners in Africa. What that means for us is that we have huge vast properties to hunt and over 30 species. We just finished a 2 year project on a 22 million dollar property with an 8 million dollar 5 star all BOW-HUNTING lodge. Trust me it’s awesome. Yes it’s my EXCLUSIVE Bow-hunting camp. I designed the blinds over water holes, killer spot and stalk and a big rock pile to glass from.

I’m now ready to for the first time, take people hunting.

I only have 10 spots in the month of OCTOBER of this year. You’ll have two hunt options: one is a 7 day hunt which would involve 2 Valley of the Kings lodges and the other is a 10 day hunt and would involve 3 of the lodges. If you are a rifle hunter, no problem. I will be in camp hunting and will have several days of teaching segments. I know many of you were looking for a way to get into camp and hang out. Sorry there aren’t more spots but I should be setting up more in the future. Please write me a note with your phone number and I’ll give you a call and we’ll chat. (serious inquiries only please, this is not a “free” hunt but it is a great opportunity.)

Thanks Jimmmy


Jim-Lion-with-Bow2Jim Burnworth with a beautiful Lion taken with a bow.

Austin_BlueWildebeestAustin with his first Blue Wildebeest in Africa.

Ray-Lion1Ray Bunney with his Lion take with a bow.

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