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Attention New Customers

Hunting in Africa is surely one of the main goals for many if not most trophy hunters, a dream few people believe they can achieve or afford. Yet, many International hunters visit Africa annually and have the time of their life. What then makes this possible for some and not all of us?

Well the answer is simple – ignorance!

You see, to most people the thought of flying to Africa (another country all together), just logically sounds expensive and they shelve the idea even before exploring the possibility. The uncertainty of what to expect or what it would cost, often discourages people from considering Africa.

Only when a friend or acquaintance has been to Africa, do people get to hear about he awesome adventures, the actual experiences and how accessible Africa actually is … Hunting in Africa could often cost you far less than hunting most species back home … AND THAT’S THE TRUTH!

The good news is that you needn’t wait … you can do this now!

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Hunting Legends Africa

For many of us, hunting and fishing trips are a serious commitment of both time and money. Good trophy-producing areas are becoming increasingly difficult to find.

The only way to ensure the best areas and operators is to spend a lot of hard work, time and money researching new destinations. We offer our friends and clients this peace of mind.

By booking your trip through Hunting Legends Africa or any one of our Booking Agents, you will assure yourself of being in a good location with a reputable operator.

We are currently in the process of updating our website and price lists for the coming 2015 season, so please be patient if what you are looking for doesn’t reflect yet. Even better, feel free to contact us in the mean time and let’s help you out with a free quote.

2015 is going to be a whopper – book early to avoid disappointment and hunt with the best in Africa! Click on the following to re-divert to our South African prices for 2015 or scroll to the top of the menu bar for more information.