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As you will notice we aren’t just crazy about hunting, but also about “Guns & Rifles”, hence we have decided to share our passion and hobby with you and let you in on the best books you will ever find on the topic. Below you will find some of the best reading on “Guns & Rifles” in the world.

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Austyn examines the “best” rifles built over the last 150 years. He begins with an extensive discussion of the origins and history of the famous and most sought after double rifles. Next he discusses single barreled rifles and rifles made by continental European makers. In addition he examines the bolt action and other locking mechanisms as well as rifle accessories . He lists what problems to look for when buying a gun, discusses the ins and outs of auctions sales, and includes a price guide that list what classic rifles bring at auctions today. Finally there is a collectors overview with a great deal of historical information for today’s shooter. Hard cover. 128 pages 110 photos and 20 pages of colour

Price   ZAR465.00

Price   $55.00

DELTA ROYALE by Chris Austyn

Chris Austyn is the head of the gun department at Christie’s Auction House, conducting sales in both London and New York. He discusses best English guns, round actions, over-and-unders, boxlocks, hammer guns, bolt action and double rifles, as well as accessories.

Price   ZAR350.00

Price   $42.00


Nowhere in the world was the shotgun a more important indicator of style and social standing than in Britain at the turn of the twentieth century. British craftsmen brought forth the finest guns ever made and tot his day they have set the tone for quality in shotgun making. In this overview of the shotgun, author David Baker looks at all these aspects as well as the ammunition available for these guns. An elaborate appendix list the gunmakers of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in business in 1900. Over 160 photographs show images taken at the time, advertisements published during the period, modern photos of guns that have survived till today and guns wholly or partially stripped down.

Price   ZAR360.00

Price   $43.00

MAUSER Military Rifles of the World (Fourth Edition) by Robert W.D Ball

Now with more than 1300 full color phots, this fourt edition of Robert Ball’s esential reference work is the most complete and desireable book of its kind. A leading authority of Mauser military rifles, Ball provides a detailed country-by country look at the markings, insignia and design variations that make Mauser rifles so collectible. This colour edition of Mauser Military Rifles of the World is truly the ulitmate resource for gun buffs, military historian and rifle collectors worldwide. Hard cover. Full colour photos. 447 pages.

Price   ZAR590.00

Price   $69.00

ROCK IN A HARD PLACE by James L. Ballou

The legendary BAR began as a single, hand-made, closed-bolt-firing model with an open-top receiver, designed by John M. Browning and machined to the great inventor’s specifications by his half-brother, Jonathan Edmund Browning, in their Ogden, Utah, shop. Right from the outset, John Browning’s “Automatic Machine Rifle” was an instant success. It was manufactured through both World Wars and Korea by a total of six contractors, and remained one of the most respected weapons in the U.S. military arsenal for over four decades, proving time and time again that, when the fighting got heavy, the BAR was truly a “Rock in a Hard Place”. This first-ever in-depth study of the popular BAR includes clear photos of all U.S.-made military and commercial models, experimental models from Britain and France, plus offshore copies and clones from Belgium, Poland and Sweden. In addition, contents include profusely-illustrated chapters titled “How the BAR Works”, “A Treatise on BAR Parts”, “Troubleshooting the BAR”, and “Accessories and Ancillaries”; plus a Bibliography and a comprehensive index. Deluxe First Edition, 2000. 500 pages, 751 illustrations

Price   ZAR680.00

Price   $80.00

CARTRIDGES of the WORLD by Frank Barnes

Since the mid-1990s, commercial cartridge manufacturers have been introducing new and improved ammunition to keep up with the demand for new chamberings and the shift to nostalgic arms. Now the world’s best-known resource on cartridges of all nations, past and present, is thoroughly updated and covers these new cartridges.

Price   ZAR295.00

Price  $35.00

SAFARI RIFLES by Craig Boddington

Not since John Taylor’s African Rifles and Cartridges has there been such a comprehensive book on guns for Africa. This is not a coffee-table picture book, but an information book of monumental proportions. It contains information on historical and present double-rifle makers; ballistics for the large bores; what today’s professional hunters use; the ideal one-two-three- rifle set-up; bullets; components; what calibers and bullets are suitable for elephant, rhino, hippo, lion, buffalo and antelope. In addition it contains a comprehensive survey of what professional hunters today recommend their clients bring on safari.

Price   ZAR375.00

Price   $45.00

COGSWELL & HARRISON by John Newton and Graham Cooley

Cogswell and Harrison was established in 1770 and is London’s oldest surviving gun-maker. In the nineteenth century Cogswell and Harrison became known for it’s ingenious innovations in gun-making technology. John Newton and Graham Cooley chart the changes of fortune and they discuss the wide range of guns and rifles produced by Cogswell and Harrison, including side-by-side, over-and-under, and single-barrel shotguns; double barrel rifles; falling block rifles; bolt action magazines rifles and rook and rabbit rifles. Hard cover. 128 pages, colour and b&w photos.

Price   ZAR375.00

Price   $45  

HOLLAND & HOLLAND by Donald Dallas

Donald Dallas tells the fascinating story of Holland & Holland from its very beginnings. The history of the family is revealed for the first time and how this affected the business. The terrific variety of the firm’s guns and rifles are described in great detail set within the historical context of their era. From punt gun to boy’s gun, from rook rifle to elephant gun, Holland & Holland supplied them all to every corner of the world. Several appendices will be of great help and interest to enthusiasts and owners. All 51 patents are described, the dating of Holland serial numbers is given from 1855 to the present day, all the trade labels are illustrated and the rifle cartridges developed and introduced are examined in detail. This book is written with the full approval and cooperation of Holland & Holland and is the authoritative history of the company. THE AUTHOR Donald Dallas is a historian and from an early age developed a great interest in sporting guns, their history and their development. In addition to the technical development of the sporting gun, he found their place in the social and economic history of the times fascinating and has always attempted to include this in his writing. Donald Dallas is the author of a number of books including Purdey – The Definitive History.

Price   ZAR840.00

Price  $99.00


The book is currently on back order. Now you can identify any of the legendary Luger variations using a simple decision tree. Each model and variation includes pricing information, proof marks and detailed attributes in a handy, user-friendly format. Plus, it’s fully indexed. Instantly identify that Luger! Softcover · 4-1/4 x 7, 112 pages

Price   POR

Price  POR

THE BREN GUN SAGA by Thomas B Dugelby

The Bren originated as the excellent series of prewar Czech ZB light machine guns, produced at Zbrojovka Brno (the Brno State Arsenal). The finalized ZGB version was adopted by the British in 1935 as the Bren (Brno + ENfield). Basically a one man infantry weapon, designed to be fired from the hip or bipod mounted on a tripod,, the Bren was also used as an AA and armoured vehicle gun.

Price   ZAR620.00

Price   $73.00

KALASHNIKOV The Arms and the Man – THE AK 47 STORY

The name of Mikhail Timofeyevich Kalashnikov has become well known the world over because of the Avtomat Kalashnikova, the eponymous assault rifle which he designed and perfected. Today, Kalashnikov designs have become the most widely manufactured and best known military small arms in history. Since the introduction of the AK design in 1947, between fifty and seventy million Kalashnikov-type rifles and LMGs have been manufactured, in the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact nations, in the Communist East, and in such ‘western’ countries as Egypt, Finland, India, Israel, and South Africa. The original edition of The AK47 Story was published in 1986, and the events of the intervening fifteen years have provided much fresh new material. Beginning with an introduction by Dr. Kalashnikov himself, we present a most comprehensive study of the ‘life and times’ of the AK, starting with the early history of small arms manufacture in Czarist Russia and then the Soviet Union. We follow the development of the AK (originally designed in caliber 7.62x41mm) and all the offshoots and clones which make up the Kalashnikov ‘family’ of small arms, including an important new summary of technical information on the numerous loadings of ‘intermediate’ ammunition, right up to the ‘AK for the 21st Century’ – the AK100 series, now being manufactured by the Joint Stock Company ‘Kalashnikov’ in Izhevsk, Russia in three calibers: 7.62x39mm, 5.45x39mm, and 5.56x45mm NATO. Deluxe First Edition, 2001. 312 pages, 356 illustrations.

Price   ZAR510.00

Price   $60.00


In addition to data from the major ammunition manufacturers, Bob Forker has included data from literally every manufacturer, large or small, that market ammunition for hunting or serious target shooting. You will find ballistics figures and trajectory curves, and you will also find detailed cartridge diagrams; pressure data and ballistic coefficients; standard rifling twist; recoil indexes; and even Taylor’s “Knock Out” values for each caliber. Soft cover, 408 pages, illustrations and photos.

Price   ZAR215.00

Price   $26.00

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Hiram Maxim invented and patented the world’s first automatic machine gun in 1883, which soon gained worldwide popularity. Prototype and production versions of every sort of Maxim from over a dozen user countries are described and depicted, along with in-depth coverage of the incredibly varied and ingenious array of accessories and ancillaries produced during the Maxim’s eighty-year lifespan.

Price   ZAR680.00

Price   $80.00


This is the history of the legendary Greener family and their famous guns – a family business that had, by the turn of the twentieth-century, grown to become the larges and most comprehensive sporting gun factory known to man. Contains numerous colour photographs, interesting charts, appendices, period advertisements, an annotated bibliography, medals and honors, trade labels, serial numbers, date ranges and a thorough index.

Price   ZAR590.00

Price   $69.00

CROWN JEWELS The Mauser in Sweden

The first in-depth study of all Swedish Mausers. The 6.5X55mm M94 carbine, M96 long-rifle and M38 short-rifle, the Swedish K98k called the M39 in 7.92X57mm and the M40 after re-chambering to the 8X63mm machine gun cartridge, sniper rifles, and other military adaptations. Then the experimental prototypes and trial match rifles of the 1950’s, some in 30-06 caliber, which led to the series of approximately sixty thousand precision competition rifles introduced by Carl Gustafs in the 1960’s, all made up on ex-military M96 Mauser actions and chambered for either the standard 6.5, one of the most accurately military rounds ever designed or 7.62 Nato. Includes much data on both the early M94 and improved M41, bayonets, target sights and other accessories, both civilian and military.

Price   ZAR490.00

Price   $58.00


The most comprehensive study ever published of the 14,000,000 bolt-action K98k rifles produced in Nazi Germany from 1934 to 1945. Contains extensive information on the military and commercial background to the K98k; the materials and methods used in the manufacture, inspection and acceptance of the components of the K98k; a year-by-year chronology of K98k manufacturers, with illustrations of markings and data sheets on over 100 contractor/year variations, plus exhaustive data on quantities produced, manufacturing times, personnel, and costs; commercial and contract K98ks, and many ‘one-offs’ and experimentals. Illustrates and describes virtually every K98k accessory ever produced. Author’s Revised Edition, 1993, 384 pages, 478 illustrations. The revised edition includes 150 new images and 38 more pages of text, with four Appendices.

Price   ZAR680.00

Price   $80.00


The Sporting Shotgun follows the development of the sporting shotgun from 1787 to present day. This book is crammed with invaluable information on side-by-sides; over-and-unders; repeaters and automatics; the workings of a shotgun and ballistics and it provides a solid foundation of information while answering questions that so often confuse a novice.

Price   ZAR350.00

Price   $42.00


Completely revised and updated, this comprehensive survey of sporting rifle shooting covers all aspects of the sport from types and choice of weapons to a practical analysis of the rifle sport available today. The author discusses the range of calibers, bullets and sights available and their suitability for different game and different circumstances.

Price   ZAR360.00

Price   $48.00


This book contains the history of the world-renowned Churchill gunmakers, one of the best known of all English gunmakers, as well as wonderfully entertaining anecdotes of the Churchill family. It also contains serial number and dates of manufacture of its guns from 1891 forward, price lists from 1895 onward, a complete listing of all craftsmen employed at the company, as well as the prices realized at the famous Dallas auction where the “last” production guns were sold. This massive work is well illustrated with hundreds of colour and black & white photos, period brochures and gun labels, and it also includes dozens of charts, tables, appendices and a detailed index.

Price   ZAR755.00

Price  $89.00


Holland and Holland has had a long history of not only building London’s best guns but also providing superior guns – the ultimate gun in finish, engraving, and embellishment. In this book master gun-writer and acknowledged English gun expert Michael McIntosh and former Holland and Holland director Jan Roosenberg describe and identify the finest products ever produced by Holland and Holland and, many would argue, by any gun company on earth. Never has so many superlative guns from Holland and Holland – or any other maker for that matter – been displayed in one book. Many photos shown are firearms from private collections, which cannot be seen publicly anywhere except in this book. In addition, the authors provide many interesting details and a concise history of Holland and Holland.

Price   ZAR660.00

Price   $78.00

AMERICAN BEAUTY by Timothy J Mullin

Times were different then. The stock market crash of October, 1929 heralded the worst depression in American history. At the same time, one-handed target shooting was considered by many to be a very popular and highly respectable pastime. In January, 1932, Colt’s introduced their hand-fitted, premium-grade National Match Government Model pistol. Eminently suited for target shooting, the National Match carried a sticker price of $40.00 in the days when a brand-new Government Model cost $21.00 or $22.00. Perhaps this is why they were made for only eight short years, and why they may well be rarer, in terms of numbers produced, than the Colt Paterson or Walker. Includes 20 spectacular colour photos of factory-engraved guns and other authenticated upgrades, including double-carved ivory grips! Deluxe First Edition, 1999. 72 pages, 69 illustrations, 20 in colour

Price   ZAR395.00

Price   $47.00


The author, a First Lieutenant in the Norwegian Home Guard and an avid machinegun collector himself, has produced the first ever in-depth study of the MG34 and MG42 – the German Universal Machineguns of World War II – by combining his military expertise with his experience as an active recreational shooter.

Price   ZAR690.00

Price   $82.00


Hundreds of books have been published by the British gun trade, but English writers have largely ignored the European makers of fine guns, until now! Marco Nobili’s new work exhibits the skills of the best craftsman from continental Europe, the author brings to life in words and pictures, their finest sporting guns. The book covers the histories of the individual firms and looks at the guns they currently build, tracing the developments of their most influential models. Depicted with profuse colour illustrations, it showcases the best guns ever made in Europe, such as, Piotti, Beretta, Kreighoff, Perazzi, Gamba, Fanzoj and many others.

Price   ZAR660.00

Price   $78.00

COLT’S Single Action Army Revolver
THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER: Colt Single Action army revolver, commonly known as the “Peace Maker” is one of the most collectable guns ever made. This book contains essential information on production numbers and data on the year certain serial numbers were issued. Extensive and detailed description on all the Colt single actions with numerous photos.

Price   ZAR290.00

Price   $35.00


Anyone who is at all interested in American firearms will know of Frank Pachmayr. This is the colourful biography of Frank A. Pachmayr, America’s own gunsmith emeritus. By dint of stubborn courage and hard work, he scratched his way to wealth and international prominence. Pachmayr made major contributions to America’s armaments through two major wars, and he pioneered research into many of today’s most modern weapons’ system. He was and is a major contributor to wildlife preservation.

Price   ZAR450.00

Price   $53.00


The M1 Garand was arguably the most respected service rifle in US history, and a veritable library of books has been written about it. However, this is the only book that tells the complete, in-depth story of the rarest Garands of them all: the initial 80 Model Shop rifles, made under the personal supervision of John Garand himself in 1934 and 1935; and the first 50,000+ production “gas trap” M1s, made between August, 1937 and August, 1940. There were only three men who knew all the intimate details of the highly classified M1 project: John Garand; his Chief Model Maker, J R “Red” Stimson; and Art Tuttle, John Garand’s personal “Troubleshooter”. The respected Garand authority Billy Pyle was fortunate enough to be befriended by the latter, and this groundbreaking study is the result. Deluxe First Edition, 1999. 316 pages, 383 illustrations

Price   ZAR580.00

Price   $69.00              


The most popular US military small arm in history. Contents include the Carbine in War and Peace, 1942 – 1992; US battle honors in WWII and Korea; other military users of the US carbine; the carbine “for friend and foe alike” in Vietnam. Postwar military parts manufacture; alternate methods of production; the return of surplus military M1s from afar; US military accessories, ancillaries and ammunition since 1940; other military and sporting arms in .30 carbine caliber. Plus, the first official guide to “Neverneverland”, where carbines in various models and calibers never dreamed of by the military are outdone only by the bewildering array of aftermarket accessories, some of which can still give pause even to the experts. Provides positive identification as genuine US military, offshore military, or aftermarket commercial.

Price   ZAR490.00

Price   $58.00

FIREARMS by Ned Schwing

Declared “an indispensable reference guide” by NRA’s American Rifleman, you’ll turn the pages of this completely updated and expanded edition and know it is an unparalleled publication. With coverage of every modern and antique firearm made since 1835, you can confidently stride into gun shows and secure unbeatable deals. Determining values can be tricky because firearms are admired not only for their usefulness, but their beauty and grace. Ned Schwing, respected firearms expert, and his expanded panel of pricing experts take extra strides to provide accurate pricing information – more than 110,000 prices for over 25,000 models of firearms. Not only will you be able to value your collection with this comprehensive guide, you’ll be able to identify firearms quickly and confidently with thousands of detailed photos. Firearms enthusiasts stay on target with this unbeatable guide containing new auction results and more well written “snap shots” articles providing in-depth coverage of real-world experiences with exclusive firearms. • Heavily illustrated listings for quick and easy identification • Up to six grades of condition clearly stated for each listing • New auction results and more “snap shots”

Price   ZAR350.00

Price   $42.00


This remarkable book breaks new ground with never-before-published photos and data about Mauser-Werke itself, then offers the most exhaustive study ever published of the design origins and manufacturing history of the Original Oberndorf Mauser sporter, a rifle produced in a vast number of calibers and variations right alongside the military Gewehr 98 (before WWI) and later, the K98k.Includes many magnificent Mauser sporters made up by the finest armsmakers in England, America, and Germany, using 98 actions supplied from Oberndorf, plus the most comprehensive Serial Number/Date chart ever. Since WWII, Mauser has been reluctant to put all its eggs in the 98 basket, and numerous other avenues have been explored, while today, sporters built on refurbished military 98 actions are still in production. Deluxe First Edition, 1997. 508 pages, 983 illustrations, 114 in colour

Price   ZAR670.00

Price   $79.00

MAUSER SMALLBORES Sporting, Target & Training Rifles

With the aid of the world’s leading smallbore rifle collectors, we present 15 in-depth chapters and two appendices full of original, previously unpublished photos, charts, drawings and data on the history of all models of smallbore sporting, target and training rifles produced by the legendary Mauser-Werke of Oberndorf am Nekar, Germany. Includes a full chapter called Wehrsport (paramilitary training) devoted to the marketing and use of smallbore trainers by the Hitler-Jugend and other Nazi political and military groups. Also includes chapters on the postwar Model 45 (made up at the request of the occupying French) and the last Mauser sporter, the Model 46; competitors’ smalbores; investigations of the .22 cartridge; .22 conversion units; and a Grand Finale of colour photos of some 40 Mauser smallbores, plus comprehensive serial number charts and parts lists for all models. Deluxe First Edition, 1998. 372 pages, 773 illustrations; 40 in colour

Price   ZAR570.00

Price   $67.00

The Browning High Power Automatic Pistol

An in-depth chronicle of seventy years of High Power history, from John M Browning’s original 16-shot prototypes to the present. Profusely illustrated with rare original photos and drawings from the FN Archive to describe virtually every sporting and military version of the High Power. The numerous modifications made to the basic design over the years are, for the first time, accurately arranged in chronological order, thus permitting the dating of any High Power to within a few years of its production. Full details on the WWII Canadian-made Inglis Browning High Power pistol. The Expanded Edition contains 30 new pages on the interesting Argentine full-auto High Power, the latest FN ‘MK3’ and BDA9 pistols, plus FN’s revolutionary P90 5.7x28mm Personal Defense Weapon, and more! Expanded Edition 1990, 306 pages, 313 illustrations

Price   ZAR470.00

Price   $55.00

The Black Rifle

First published in 1987, The Black Rifle remains the standard reference source for anyone researching the complex and often tortuous history of this weapon system. Some of the content are as follows: Earliest ArmaLites, tomorrows rifle today, The genesis of the 5.56 cartridge. The ArmaLite AR15. The M16 in Vietnam and many more.

Price   ZAR560.00

Price   $66.00

THE 1911 Gun Digest Book

From the publisher of Gun Digest® comes a comprehensive book on the most popular pistol in the world, the Model 1911. This complete guide to the Model 1911 covers maintenance, improvements and accessories to maximize the performance of this famous gun. Top semi-custom guns are tested and evaluated as this book compares each model and variation. The author also includes repair tips and information on buying a used 1911. • Comprehensive companion book to annual Gun Digest® issue • Complete guide of all models and variations of the Model 1911 • More than 700 photos aid in detailed identification • Tips on buying a used 1911 Softcover · 8-1/2 x 11, 336 pages · 700 b&w photos

Price   ZAR260.00

Price  $30.00


Tate brings us the most opulent examples of British gun engraving in existence from the greatest private collections in Europe and the USA. This book traces the traditions of British gun engraving from the end of the eighteenth century to today. This fine production chronicles Celtic engraving as practiced chiefly by Scottish makers, the influence of the Arts and Crafts movement and the significance the Indian maharajahs had on British gun ornamentation.

Price   ZAR550.00

Price  $65.00



John Taylor was a professional ivory hunter with some thirty years of continuous living in the African bush. He used and tested all the various calibers of British, American and German rifles and with them killed many species of big game found in Africa.. There is a wealth on information on ballistics as well as the actual hunting of all African game. Taylor also includes sections on gun building, stocking, weight, balance, fit and the true worth of accessories and gadgets. Taylor spent a lifetime experimenting with ballistics and this classic is acknowledged to be one of the finest reference works ever on the large-caliber rifle. Hard cover, 431 pages, black and white photos

Price   ZAR335.00

Price   $39.00


No other segment of the hunting and sporting firearms world has created such an enormous amount of terminology, peculiar words usages, and unique phrases as has the shotgun and shotgun-shooting field. This book contains hundreds of entries covering everything you ever wanted to know about shotguns from Actions to ZZbirds. The photos and drawings make the complicated inner workings of a shotgun easy to understand. Cross-referenced with dozens of unusual as well as common terms from American and British terminology

Price   ZAR330.00

Price   $39.00


2nd edition Full coverage of all centerfire military and commercial rifles. Organized on a country-by-country basis, this book defines “user-friendly.” Includes an overview of systems, assessing strengths and weaknesses, followed by a history of each rifle. Softcover · 8-1/4 x 10-11/16, 384 pages · 650+ b&w photos

Price   ZAR230.00

Price   $27.00

HITLERS – German self loading rifles of World War II

Hitler’s Wehrmacht entered World War II armed with the bolt action K98k, a rifle only cosmetically different from that with which Imperial Germany had fought the Great War a quarter-century earlier. Initial attempts at modernization resulted in the Mauser G41 (M) and Walther G41 (W), both thanks to their muzzle gas takeoff system, heavy, complex and unwieldy rifles. Then in 1942 Walther adapted the gas system used in the Russian Tokarev SVT to the flap-locked bolt of the G41, and the G43 was born

Price   ZAR620.00

Price  $73.00


2nd edition You become an instant gunsmithing expert when you have this new edition on your bench. Numerous clear photos and easy to follow instructions lead you through the steps to disassemble even the more complicated autoloading pistols among the 71 distinct models covered. Editor J.B.Wood, internationally recognized firearms engineering authority, updates this valuable book, adding 13 new autoloaders and nearly 100 additional pages to the first edition – plus revising and updating the entire text as necessary. Automatic Pistols, 2nd Edition, Softcover · 8-1/2 x 11, 576 pages · 1,700+ b&w photos

Price   ZAR365.00

Price  $43.00

FIREARMS ASSEMBLY / DISASSEMBLY Part II: Revolvers 2nd edition

This series provides field stripping basics and thoroughly explains all takedown components and finishes with reassembly instructions for hundreds of popular firearms. Clear photos and easy-to-understand instructions guide you every step of the way.

Price   ZAR280.00

Price  $33.00


Shotgun owners will learn to carefully and successfully disassemble and reassemble popular shotguns for routine maintenance, cleaning, and barrel changing by using this indispensable updated reference. Wood’s book series on firearms disassembly and reassembly, the only series available, has been an essential and comprehensive reference for firearms enthusiasts for many years. A total of 59 popular shotgun models are reviewed, including thirteen additional models since the last edition. More than 285 shotgun variants that are mechanically similar to those pictured are also covered. Includes field stripping basics and a thorough explanation of all key take down and reassembly steps for each model. Each step is clearly photographed and includes easy to understand instructions. An index allows readers to quickly find specific models and cross reference mechanically similar variants. • Covers assembly/disassembly of 59 popular shotgun models, plus more than 285 mechanically similar variants • Lists field stripping basics and key take down and reassembly steps • More than 1,600 large, clear photos and illustrations accompany the detailed instructions Shotguns, Softcover · 8-1/2 x 11, 592 pages · 1,600+ b&w photos

Price   ZAR280.00
Price  $33.00


This series provides field stripping basics and thoroughly explains all takedown components and finishes with reassembly instructions for hundreds of popular firearms. Clear photos and easy-to-understand instructions guide you every step of the way.

Price   ZAR280.00

Price   $33.00


“Gunsmithing Rifles” takes a look at all major rifle types and gives you practical information on how to make repairs, improve performance and modify your rifle to fit your needs. In addition to practical information about keeping every rifle ready to shoot, “Gunsmithing Rifles” provides specific projects to improve: – Mauser Actions – AR -15s and their clones – The Ruger 10/22 – The Remington Model 700 – The Winchester Model 70 – Lever Action Rifles Step by step instructions and plenty of photos guide you every step of the way. As a practicing for the past 20 years, Sweeny also knows enough to tell you what not to try. If an operation requires an expert, he’ll take you! If you are in the market for a used rifle, this books also includes tips on getting the most bang for your buck

Price   ZAR260.00
Price   $30.00

SPORTING CLAYS 2nd edition

Gun Digest Book of Sporting Clays 2nd Edition. Learn important elements and subtle aspects of this challenging, interesting and enjoyable shooting game – Sporting Clays. Often called “golf with a shotgun” it shares the fundamental challenges and social benefits of golf… each shot is different, shooters travel the course in groups and there is plenty of room for both novice and experienced participants. This exciting shooting game replicates the challenging shots offered the upland game hunter. Grouse, pheasant, quail, duck and even rabbit – are represented at the course. Never a dull moment, and great practice! Experts report on the complete spectrum of useful information to include: – Tips for the New Shooters – Equipment Selection – Shooting Technique – Clays for Hunters Soft cover, 254 pages, many black and white photos.

Price   ZAR260.00

Price   $30.00              

SHOOTERS BIBLE 2004 edition

The world’s standard firearms reference book. This invaluable firearms reference guide is a must for anyone interested in firearms and shooting sports. Since 1925 “The Shooter’s Bible” has served sportsmen as the most complete reference guide for new products, specifications, and up-to-date prices on thousand of firearms and related equipment.

Price   ZAR220.00
Price   $26.00

BLACK RIFLE Deluxe First Edition.

This important new book is a worthy sequel to the popular classic – The Black Rifle. Amazingly, considering the storms of controversy which surrounded the program in it’s early days the M16 has gone on to become the most effective combat weapon in the world. The longest serving shoulder arm in US history and the benchmark against which any new military rifle must now be compared. In-depth coverage of 3rd generation M16, Colt’s new family of modular flat top M4 carbines, the Colt 9mm SMG, the US Navy’s M16 A3, the US Army’s current issue M16 A4, the ArmaLite AR10, a full chapter on enhanced sites and rail systems and much, much more.

Price   ZAR620.00
Price   $73.00