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The beauty of Africa, intertwined with an unforgettable experience


African bush where far from the madding crowd, one can still connect with Mother Nature and allow her to sooth your soul.

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THE TAKING OF THE LION KNOWN AS “CECIL” OUTSIDE OF HWANGE NATIONAL PARK IN ZIMBABWE Currently, there appears to be a good deal of speculation and possible misinformation circulating relative to the death of a well-known lion residing in Hwange National Park in...

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Scouting Pro

Hunting Legends is now the official distributors for the Scouting Pro in South Africa.

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Buffalo Hunting

Ever considered Buffalo Hunting in Southern Africa? click here >>BOOK YOUR BUFFALO HUNT TODAY!<< click here The African Buffalo (Syncerus caffer) was first described scientifically as a Boss caffer by Sparrman in 1779 and later in 1847 the genes Syncerus...

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Buffalo Hunt with Sakhr Almulhem

When Sakhr made his inquiry for a Buffalo Hunt with Hunting Legends, we got excited about him wanting to bring his kids along for their first African hunting Safari. The kids were awesome and even with their first time handling a rifle, they were perfect hunters....

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Hunting Legends Lodges

Take a peak at our Hunting Legends Lodges The home of Hunting Legends is the Valley of the Kings Thaba Motswere, but Hunting Legends boasts with a host of fine Lodges that caters for our hunters on a 5 star level. With lodges all over Southern Africa, from the LImpopo...

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The Best of the West with Hunting Legends

The Best of the West with Hunting Legends. Joe Cunningham and Lloyd Hill with camera man Noah from The Best of the West TV show on the Outdoor Channel are in camp with Hunting Legends on The Valley of the Kings. Awesome guys to have in camp and already in their first...

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Hunting Legends just went Hollywood

Hunting Legends just went HOLLYWOOD with Jim Burnworth and Ray Bunney from the 'Western Extreme' & 'Choose your Weapons' TV Shows on the Outdoor Channel. Jim and Ray are in camp on an African bow- & rifle hunting excursion, shooting the next African TV show...

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